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Necrophonic review

Necrophonic is an app that allows you to hear the voices of the dead. It is said to be the most realistic and accurate app of its kind, able to provide recordings of deceased loved ones with startling clarity. While some may find the concept of Necrophonic to be morbid, for many people, it is a way to connect with deceased loved ones and to find closure.

When using Necrophonic to record the voice of a deceased loved one, you will first need to create a profile for the deceased. This profile will include information such as the name, date of birth, date of death, and relationship to the user. Once the profile is created, the user will need to select a recording method. The app offers two recording methods: direct recording and indirect recording.


Direct recording is the process of recording the voice of the deceased directly through the app. This can be done by having the user speak into the app, or by playing a pre-recorded audio file of the deceased through the app. Indirect recording is the process of recording the voice of the deceased indirectly through the app. This is done by placing the app near an audio source that is playing the voice of the deceased. The app will then record the voice of the deceased through the audio source.

Once the recording is complete, the user can then choose to share the recording with other Necrophonic users, or keep the recording private. Necrophonic is designed to be a safe and secure platform, and all recordings are stored securely on the user's device.


Overall, Necrophonic is a popular app that many people are using to communicate with the dead. The app is easy to use and has many features, but it is also said to be battery-intensive and a bit pricey. Necrophonic is said to be a user-friendly app that is easy to use. The main screen has a list of all of the features, and you can easily navigate to the one you want to use. The app is also said to be very accurate, and many users have reported success in using it to communicate with the dead.


  • You may not be able to find the source of a sound if it is too faint
  • The app may not work with all devices


  • This app makes it easy to locate and identify the source of a sound
  • You can use this app to find out what a sound is without having to open up any other apps
  • The app is very user friendly and easy to use

Design 8

Key Functions 8

Usability 10

Cross-platform use 9

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