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Metalfront.org is a supreme Android apps & games hub. We aim to provide you with honest and detailed reviews of Android software, so you can easily find a game or an app that will satisfy your needs. The idea of creating this source was born a long time ago. Our developing and writing teams did an enormous amount of work by gaining the needed knowledge and practising software reviewing. After we realized that we had spent more than 10 000 hours on testing and even creating Android games and apps, we decided to share our experience with other Android fans out there.

Why you should trust us:

  • Our developing & testing team consists of the current game and app creators that deal with millions of software issues every day;

  • The source doesn’t bring us any income. We do it just because we love it;

  • We strive to be the best and give you only helpful information without any unnecessary brainy terminology;

  • Our professional writers also have experience in game & app testing, so the quality of our articles and reviews is 100% accurate;

  • Apart from reviewing and testing, we also check and learn the latest news about Android technologies and programs.

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