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Goat Simulator 3 Parodies the Opening of Skyrim The product Goat Simulator 3 has taken the internet by storm, and with good reason. The game is a hilarious parody of Bethesda's Elder Scrolls... Continue Reading Gotham Knights Created a 1.3 GB Update Gotham Knights, the long-awaited co-op action RPG from Warner Bros. Montreal, has released a new 1.3GB update. The update includes a variety of new content... Continue Reading Blogger Dream Is Known for the Minecraft Took Off His Mask There was a high-profile live event on the YouTube platform recently. Streamer Dream, who still broadcasts in a mask, took it off in front of... Continue Reading Instagram Is Testing a New Update for Creators Instagram is doing its best to make its platform attractive to users against the backdrop of TikTok and YouTube. A recent study confirmed that Instagram... Continue Reading New Thank You Format for Shorts Creators YouTube continues to expand monetization options for short video creators. Now they have access to the Super Thanks function, which is already valid for standard... Continue Reading Instagram Releases Guide for Parents of Underage Users Instagram has repeatedly come under criticism from authorities and experts due to its potentially negative impact on teens. In recent years, Meta has made great... Continue Reading Top 5 Gmail Inbox Tools If you have ever seen a ridiculously huge number next to the Inbox icon, you know the panic that seizes you at the sight of... Continue Reading Facebook Closes Its Podcast Platform A report has been published stating that Facebook has confirmed the closure of its podcast-oriented platform. This is likely to happen on June 3, after... Continue Reading Car Rental Apps to Try Given the rapid digitalization of the travel industry, it’s little wonder that car rental apps have been pullulating recently. We have brought your our top... Continue Reading WoW Launches a Dragon Expansion World of Warcraft has announced in a livestream that dragons will soon return to the game with the nineth expansion in the game’s 18-year-long history.... Continue Reading