Investigation Underway For Exploit In Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare III That Allows Running While Lying On The Ground

In any multiplayer shooter, cheating is bound to occur. There are always players who ingeniously discover and exploit game bugs for maximum advantage, a practice known as 'exploits', which equates to cheating. 

Call of Duty has not been immune to such practices and has progressively enhanced its system over the years to detect and eject these users from the game. However, some players do not use third-party software or manipulate the game's code; they simply make the most of what already exists in the game, as is evident in this case.

Some players have flagged instances of opponents being able to run while in a prone position, as seen in user 74Claw's Twitter clip. Despite its comedic aspect, this bug undeniably benefits the player who uses it by reducing their exposure to harm. Treyarch and Sledgehammer have acknowledged the issue and are working towards resolving it promptly.