Bluey: Let's Play!
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Bluey: Let's Play! review

Bluey: Let's Play! combines entertainment with education in an interactive gaming experience designed for children. Drawing its theme from the beloved Australian children's television series, this game introduces an array of captivating activities meant to foster imagination and analytical skills in young minds. It boasts vivid, eye-catching graphics, compelling game mechanics, and significant replayability, ensuring that youngsters remain amused for extended periods.

Bluey: Let's Play! seamlessly integrates enjoyment with educational value through its gameplay. The game encompasses a varied collection of mini-games, integrating different educational elements like puzzle-solving, memory enhancement, and active physical involvement. Its intuitive controls make it approachable for kids, including the very young. Players are also given the creative freedom to design their own Bluey-themed games, which adds a unique dimension to the gameplay.


The broad array of mini-games, along with the feature to craft personalized games, provides Bluey: Let's Play! with extensive replayability. Players can enjoy new and varied experiences each time they play, based on their individual game choices. This dynamic nature of the game ensures that it remains fresh and exciting for children over repeated playthroughs.

Bottom Line

In essence, Bluey: Let's Play! is an interactive, amusing, and didactic game perfectly suited for a young audience. Boasting impressive graphics, engaging gameplay, and long-lasting appeal, this game stands out as not only enjoyable but also reliable for youngsters, presenting an outstanding option for parents in search of top-notch recreational content for their kids.


  • Colorful and engaging graphics that are appealing to kids
  • A variety of mini-games that incorporate different learning elements
  • Simple and easy controls that are accessible to younger players
  • High replay value with a multitude of mini-games and custom game options
  • Promotes creativity by allowing players to create their own custom games
  • An entertaining and educational game that kids will love
  • Stays true to the original TV show, adding a sense of familiarity for fans.


  • The game may be too simple for older children
  • Some mini-games can be repetitive over time
  • The custom game creation option could be more advanced
  • There are limited characters to choose from in the game.

Graphics 8

Gameplay 8

Controls 8

Replay Value 7