YouTube Is Stepping Up Its AI Game – Here’s What To Expect In 2023

YouTube is making some big changes in the coming year, and with incoming executive Neal Mohan at the helm, it looks like we can expect to see many new features making their way to the platform. Among them are some powerful generative AI tools that promise to take user experience on YouTube to a whole new level.

One of the things YouTube is pushing for this year is more interactive content that responds dynamically to user input. With machine learning technology, they can create videos that can adapt according to what viewers want. For example, an educational video might have different paths depending on how much time someone has or what topics they want to be covered. It could even respond based on facial expressions if paired with a camera device!

Another exciting feature coming down the pipeline will be automated curation explicitly tailored for each user. With algorithms powered by artificial intelligence, videos will be recommended based on past viewing trends and current interests and preferences – no two users will ever have quite the same experience when it comes to discovering content!

Last but not least, YouTube plans on rolling out advanced audio search capabilities this year too. Using natural language processing technology combined with speech recognition software, users will soon be able to search their favorite videos by speaking keywords directly into their phones or computers – no typing required! This should make finding specific clips within longer uploads a breeze from now on.


All these features point towards one thing – an enhanced user experience across all platforms thanks in part due its extensive use of artificial intelligence tools and technologies. We look forward to seeing what else YouTube has in store over the next 12 months!