What 5 Places in Minecraft Will Be the Most Dangerous for Beginners?

For players who are just starting to get acquainted with Minecraft, the universe will seem very carefree, filled with new vivid emotions. This impression will be very reliable since most of the game's locations really do not pose much danger if you do not take hostile mobs into account. However, there is a certain list of places that you should avoid if you have just started to master Minecraft. Let's take a look at the list of the most insidious of them.


Caves are scattered all over the world in Minecraft, and their main disadvantage is poor lighting due to which there are a lot of hostile mobs. This is especially true for large caves. So, if a beginner still wants to explore, it will not be excessive to have plenty of light-producing blocks with you, and also not forget about good equipment.

Ocean Monuments

After spending literally a little time near the ocean, newcomers may encounter strange pyramid-like structures, which are ocean monuments. These places abound with treasures, but you need to understand that you won’t be able to get them just like that, which means you need enough enchantments, knowledge on maneuvering underwater, and suitable equipment.

Woodland Mansions

The Dark Oak Forest biomes are home to large woodland mansions that are filled with useful mining items and blocks. However, their internal structure is usually extremely intricate and more difficult to survive in a fight with hostile mobs, so you need to explore everything with the utmost care.

The Nether

The history of the mode requires a mandatory visit to this place, but you definitely shouldn’t go here in the first place, there is an abundance of dangerous mobs, including Hoglins, Ghasts, Blazes, and Wither Skeletons.

The End

You can complete the story by defeating the Ender Dragon and then make an epic journey through the End Ships and End Cities. This requires the most preparation time in the game, so nighties should avoid this location.

Do you have a lot of experience playing Minecraft? Which location do you think is the most dangerous? Please share your thoughts below.