Uncovering ‘Lies of P’: Trophy List Officially Unveiled

The trophy list for the action RPG Lies of P has been unveiled by PowerPyx. To complete the game 100%, players will have to obtain 43 trophies consisting of 3 Gold, 13 Silver, 26 Bronze, and a final Platinum.

A noteworthy detail from the trophy descriptions is that gamers will have to reach all three game endings, indicating that completion of the game requires at least three playthroughs. There is currently uncertainty about the existence of a New Game Plus mode similar to other games of the same genre.

Additionally, trophies can be gained by defeating bosses such as The Nameless Puppet, The Parade Master, and the Scrapped Watchman. They can also be earned by upgrading regular and special weapons to the maximum level. For 100% completion, players are required to collect all normal and special weapons as well as other items such as Legion Arms, Records, Gestures, Cryptic Vessels, and more. All these details suggest challenging tasks ahead for trophy hunters.

The game narrative follows a dark interpretation of the children's novel, The Adventure of Pinocchio. The protagonist, Pinocchio, finds himself in a chaotic, insane city where he needs to locate his master, Gepetto, and confront the city's threats before becoming a man.

The release date of Lies of P is September 19, with the game available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Microsoft Windows.