The Ultimate Guide to Solarus in Honor of Kings: Become a Pro in No Time!

Are you looking for the best way to become an expert at playing Solarus in Honor of Kings? Look no further! We've got all the best tips and tricks to get you up to speed and dominate your opponents. From Arcana builds, battle spells, and gameplay tips – we've got everything you need right here. So let's get started on becoming the ultimate pro-Solarus player!

Step 1: Choose Your Arcana Build

The first step when playing as Solarus is to choose which arcana will be most beneficial for your play style. Luckily, there are three main arcana that are perfect for this hero: Hunter, Eagle Eye, and Calamity. Each one offers unique benefits that can help take your game to the next level.

• Hunter increases attack speed by 5% per stack (max 10 stacks) as well as increasing critical strike chance by 5%. This can make a huge difference when trying to land those devastating blows against enemy heroes.

• Eagle Eye increases movement speed by 10% per stack (max 10 stacks). This allows you to quickly reposition yourself around the battlefield or chase down fleeing enemies with ease.

• Calamity gives your basic attacks a 20% chance of dealing bonus magic damage equal to 6% of their maximum health (with max 30 stacks). This makes it incredibly helpful when facing off against tanky targets because it can burst them down quickly if stacked correctly.

Step 2: Select Your Battle Spells

Now that we have our Arcana picks sorted out, it's time to move on to our battle spells selection process! The two best spell choices for Solaris are Flicker and Retribution – both offer great utility options during battle, depending on how they're used properly.

Select Battle Spells

• Flicker is an incredibly useful spell since it allows you quickly reposition yourself while also providing some extra mobility while escaping from sticky situations or chasing down fleeing foes with ease due to its blink effect.

• Retribution is another great choice since it provides increased survivability while also dealing some hefty damage over time whenever activated, making it especially useful against teams who focus heavily on team fights or objectives such as Lord/Tower pushing attempts. It’s important to note, though, that Retribution does require careful timing; otherwise, its effects may be diminished significantly, so practice using this spell often before taking into account real games where lives could depend upon its successful use!

Step 3: Build – Crafting A Powerful Character

Once you’ve selected some key Arcanas, it's time to craft your character's build! Start off by picking two weapons; one should focus on dealing with damage while the other should provide utility such as crowd control or movement speed boosts. For armor, select items that give extra health and resistance; this will help keep enemies from shredding through your HP bar too quickly during team fights.

Next, add some accessories like rings or amulets; these often come with additional stats like mana regeneration which helps keep up with ability spamming throughout battles (a must-have if playing an energy user).

Finally, consider adding an artifact - artifacts grant significant bonuses depending on their type, so choose wisely!

Step 4: Mastering Gameplay Tips & Strategies

Now comes the hard part – mastering the gameplay strategy for Solaris in Honor of Kings! Here are some key tips that should help improve any player’s performance regardless if they’re playing solo lane or duo lane:

Mastering Gameplay Strategies

  • Always try and keep track of what other players on both sides are doing; pay attention not only to their position but also to what skills they have available so you know how much danger any given situation may pose – being able to react accordingly can mean life or death depending on circumstances!
  • When learning, always try your best not to overextend too far away from towers/allies; having reliable escape tools such as Flicker means even if something goes wrong, there’s still hope!
  • Utilize Afterglow whenever possible; this skill gives vision over walls which helps immensely with ganking potential but remembers not to use too much mana early game; otherwise, late-game problems could arise!
  • Always keep moving while fighting – Don't stand still because this makes it easier for enemies to hit their targets.
  • Focus fire priority targets – Attack squishy targets first, then move on to tougher opponents.
  • Use terrain features – Take advantage of walls or cliffs when possible.
  • Be aware of cooldowns – Make sure all important abilities are up before engaging in fights.
  • Position yourself carefully – Stay behind allied tanks/support heroes so they absorb most of the damage.
  • Play smart – Know when retreat is necessary, even if it means sacrificing kills.
  • Utilize combos – Combine abilities together effectively.
  • Choose team compositions wisely – Synergy between heroes increases chances of victory significantly.
  • Adaptation is key – Constantly adjust builds/strategies based on the opponent's lineup.

With these simple yet highly effective tips under your belt, now all there is left to do is practice, practice, practice until mastery has been achieved. That said, however, we sure never forget about having fun either because, in the end, day winning isn't everything – enjoy the journey towards greatness just the same!