The Dark Mod 2.11: Improvements Galore

The Dark Mod is a free stealth game inspired by the Thief series but powered by the Doom 3 engine. And it just received an update - version 2.11 – that includes bug fixes, improved AI, and performance improvements.

Version 2.11 of The Dark Mod has improved the AI of guards – making them smarter and more vigilant. It also improved the mechanics of stunning enemies with a baton and climbing. Moreover, players can now pick up multiple objects at once, and there have also been improvements to the engine performance, lighting, and shadow system. Lastly, some models of environmental objects have been improved, and the interface for loading fan missions has been expanded.

The changes made in version 2.11 are so significant that it is not compatible with old saved game data. For this reason, it is best to finish the game before updating it.

In conclusion, the Dark Mod started as a mod for the Doom 3 game but with the release of the game's source code, it has become a standalone project. With the new update, players can look forward to improved AI, mechanics, and performance, as well as improved models of environmental objects. However, before updating, it is best to finish any ongoing adventures to avoid data losses.