The 5 Best Modern-Day JRPGs, Ranked

The world of JRPGs (Japanese Role-Playing Games) has undergone significant changes over the years, with developers pushing the boundaries of story, graphics, and gameplay mechanics. From intricate narratives to breathtaking visuals, modern-day JRPGs offer experiences that are as vast as they are immersive. Here's a deep dive into the five best contemporary JRPGs that have managed to captivate gamers worldwide.

1. Persona 5 Royal

Persona 5 Royal the top game for you

Persona 5 Royal is more than a game; it's an experience. Building upon the foundation of 2017’s Persona 5, this enhanced version introduces a plethora of additions and improvements. Players step into the place of a middle school student who becomes a member of the Phantom Thieves at night. With his friends, he enters a cognitive world to reform hearts and change society.


  • Deep, immersive storylines with complex character development.
  • Enhanced graphics and music that elevate the overall experience.
  • Additional content with new characters, locations, and extended gameplay.


  • The length can be daunting for casual gamers.
  • Some story arcs can drag, requiring patience.

2. Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 top game

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 carries forward the tradition of vast open-world exploration with a compelling narrative. Set in a world on the brink of collapse, players join a group of characters each with their own stories and abilities. The gameplay's fluid mechanics, coupled with stunning landscapes and strategic combat, make it a standout title in the JRPG genre.


  • Expansive world design with plenty of exploration opportunities.
  • Rich lore and character backstories.
  • Dynamic and strategic battle system.


  • The storyline can be complex and a bit overwhelming.
  • Graphical fidelity sometimes falters on the Switch.

3. Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth the top game

Square Enix continues to surprise fans with its remake series, and Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is no exception. Expanding on the legacy of the original game, this installment offers a reimagined narrative that brings in both nostalgia and freshness. Cloud Strife and his band face new challenges in an expanded world, with intricately designed characters and an enhanced battle system that combines strategy and action seamlessly.


  • Stunning visuals and sound design that enhance immersion.
  • Engaging, reimagined storyline faithful to the original while offering new twists.
  • Improved combat mechanics blending action and turn-based strategies.


  • The segmented release can be frustrating for those wanting the entire story immediately.
  • Complexities in the storyline might confuse new players.

4. NieR: Automata – Game of The YoRHa Edition

NieR Automata – Game of The YoRHa Edition

An emotional rollercoaster that transcends typical game narratives, NieR: Automata tells the story of androids 2B, 9S, and A2 as they battle machine life forms in a post-apocalyptic world. This edition furthers the intricate storyline with added content. It’s a fusion of hack-and-slash, RPG, and existential inquiry that questions the nature of consciousness and free will.


  • Emotionally gripping story with multiple endings and rich lore.
  • Fluid and engaging combat system.
  • Incredible soundtrack that enhances the game's atmosphere.


  • Some missions can feel repetitive.
  • The graphics, while beautiful, are occasionally inconsistent.

5. Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact the top game for you.jpg

Genshin Impact has taken over the gaming world with its free-to-play model that rivals many paid games in both depth and quality. Players explore the vast world of Teyvat, switching between characters each equipped with elemental abilities. The vibrant world, coupled with a compelling gacha system and multiplayer functionality, ensures there's always something new to discover.


  • Free-to-play model with a generous amount of content.
  • Beautiful open world with an engaging exploration and combat system.
  • Regular updates ensure fresh content and events.


  • The gacha system can be a money sink for some players.
  • Resource gathering can feel grindy over time.


With the evolving landscape of gaming, these modern-day JRPGs not only pay homage to their roots but actively push the genre into new realms of storytelling and gameplay. Each title stands out for different reasons, making it tough to select the absolute best. However, if user reviews and overall reception are anything to go by, Persona 5 Royal seems to have struck the perfect chord, combining a compelling narrative, innovative gameplay, and a plethora of added content to keep players engaged for hours on end.