Street Fighter 6 Showdown: Essential Combos and Fighters' Overview for Beginners

Embarking on your journey into the electrifying world of Street Fighter 6 can be as daunting as facing Ryu in a final match with everything on the line. Whether you're completely new to the venerable fighting game franchise or you've been away from the arcade sticks for a while, learning the basics is crucial to getting your footing. This guide aims to introduce you to the essentials of the game, focusing on an overview of the fighters and the basic combos that can elevate your gameplay from mere button mashing to executing strategic maneuvers that can sway the battle in your favor.

A Broad Overview of the Fighters

Understanding the diverse roster is your first step towards mastery. Street Fighter 6 presents a mix of familiar faces alongside fresh challengers, each bringing unique abilities and fighting styles to the battlefield. Let's dive into a few select fighters that are perfect for beginners.


Beginning with the iconic Ryu is a rite of passage. Known for his balanced fighting style and the simplicity of his moves, Ryu serves as the perfect introduction to the game's mechanics. Emphasizing timing and spacing, mastering Ryu will teach you the foundational skills needed in Street Fighter 6.

Essential Combo:

Street Fighter 6

  • Hadoken (Quarter Circle Forward + Punch): A signature projectile attack that can control space and pressure opponents.
  • Shoryuken (Forward, Down, Diagonal Down-Forward + Punch): A potent anti-air move and a solid way to deal damage if timed perfectly.


Another stalwart of the franchise, Chun-Li is renowned for her agility and rapid attacks. Her ability to execute lightning-fast kicks makes her a daunting opponent in close combat, while her projectiles offer a range of options. Chun-Li is ideal for players who prefer a faster-paced, aggressive playstyle.

Essential Combo:

  • Hyakuretsukyaku (Multiple Presses of Kick): A flurry of kicks that can be initiated both on the ground and mid-air to keep pressure on the opponent.
  • Kikoken (Quarter Circle Forward + Punch): A versatile projectile that can help in zoning opponents and controlling the battle's pace.


Guile, with his iconic flat-top haircut and straightforward gameplay, is the quintessential charge character. His playstyle revolves around defensive strategies and punishing opponents for reckless moves. He excels at controlling space with his Sonic Boom and Flash Kick, making him a solid choice for players who prefer a more calculated approach.

Essential Combo:

  • Sonic Boom (Hold Back for 2 seconds, Forward + Punch): A fast-moving projectile that can be used to control the pace and distance between you and your opponent.
  • Flash Kick (Hold Down for 2 seconds, Up + Kick): A counter-move that's extremely effective against airborne assaults.

Understanding Basic Combos and Their Importance

Street Fighter 6

A combo, in its simplest form, is a series of attacks performed in quick succession that your opponent is unable to block after the first hit. Combos are not just about inflicting damage; they're about gaining a strategic advantage. Below, we delve into the significance of combos and how to execute them effectively.

The Role of Combos

  • Pressure: A well-timed combo can apply significant pressure on your opponent, forcing them to adopt a defensive stance.
  • Damage Maximization: Combos allow you to maximize the damage output in a short amount of time, making every strike count.
  • Psychological Advantage: Executing a flawless combo can have a demoralizing effect on your opponent, potentially impacting their performance negatively.

Executing Combos

Mastering combos in Street Fighter 6 requires patience and practice. Initially, focusing on two to three-hit combos is advisable as you familiarize yourself with your chosen fighter's move set. Training mode is your playground here, allowing you to practice without the pressure of a real match. Remember, timing and rhythm are just as important as selecting the right moves.

Training Tips for Beginners

Progress in Street Fighter 6 is measured in small victories during your journey from a beginner to a skilled fighter. Here are a few tips to help you sharpen your skills:

Street Fighter 6

  • Utilize Training Mode: Spend quality time in training mode experimenting with different fighters, understanding their strengths and weaknesses, and honing your combo execution.
  • Learn from Losses: Defeats are as educational, if not more so, than victories. Analyze your losses to understand what went wrong and how you can improve.
  • Gradual Learning: Start with mastering a few basic combos before progressing to more complex sequences. Overloading yourself with advanced techniques prematurely can be counterproductive.
  • Watch and Learn: The Street Fighter community is vast and filled with skilled players who often share their knowledge online. Watching matches can provide valuable insights into advanced strategies and combos.


Entering the arena of Street Fighter 6 can initially seem like a daunting challenge, but with the right approach, it becomes an incredibly rewarding journey. Starting with the basics, like understanding the different fighters and mastering simple combos, lays a strong foundation for your path to becoming a seasoned warrior. Remember, every great fighter started as a beginner, and with persistence and practice, you too can ascend the ranks of the Street Fighter elite.

Embrace the challenge, learn from every match, and never stop improving. Your journey in Street Fighter 6 is only just beginning, and the world is waiting to see what kind of fighter you will become. Welcome to the fight!