Palworld Receives Substantial Patch with Fixes and Enhancements

Developer Pocketpair has introduced an extensive update for their hit game Palworld on Steam, with plans to extend the patch to Xbox players shortly.

Only a week ago, Palworld received a modest update focused on bug eradication and measures to combat unfair play, which was subsequently made available to Game Pass enthusiasts. Now, the latest significant patch brings a host of improvements, including bug fixes, the introduction of key configuration options, and other quality-of-life changes. While this update is currently exclusive to Steam users, it will be making its way to the Xbox platform once it has been finalized and is ready for deployment.

One of the crucial elements of this latest update is the resolution of numerous crash scenarios, specifically addressing situations where the game's stability was compromised or save data could become corrupt if the guild had about 7,000 pals. Pocketpair acknowledges that any saved files already damaged before this patch will, unfortunately, remain inoperable. Nonetheless, the developer is looking into a long-term solution for this issue.

Enhancements in the patch also extend to keyboard customizations, with the addition of mouse-side button functionality and numeric keypad options for control settings. Moreover, Pocketpair is intent on rolling out further improvements, citing potential upgrades for interacting key configurations.

Another notable amendment in the update is the correction of navigation paths within bases, which previously led to Pals getting ensnared. To get a detailed view of all the adjustments, it is recommended that you check out the complete patch notes for this significant Palworld update.

Palworld's success story continues, with the game boasting more than 8 million units sold on Steam and the combined player count across Steam and Xbox hitting an astonishing 19 million. Microsoft has confirmed its collaboration with Pocketpair to deliver enhancements to Palworld's Xbox iteration. Microsoft's contribution includes the provision of dedicated servers, technical aid for GPU and memory tweaks, streamlined update releases for the game, and optimizing Palworld's performance for the Xbox ecosystem.