Instagram Trials a New Approach With A Verified-Only User Feed Feature

Instagram has recently ignited curiosity by exploring an innovative feature that would exclusively display content from Meta Verified and historically verified users. Instagram's head, Adam Mosseri, has confirmed that they are indeed piloting a function wherein users can proactively decide to view posts and reels from Meta Verified accounts solely. If successful, this setting would hold a prime position on the platform, nestled neatly between the "Following" and "Favorites" options when the Instagram logo is clicked in the app.

This initiative is all about offering users more control over their Instagram experience and providing a new avenue for businesses and creators to gain visibility. By showcasing content only from Meta Verified accounts, users might be more inclined to consider becoming a Meta Verified subscriber themselves. Also, by enhancing the discoverability of such account holders, it singlehandedly increases their visibility, a boon for budding influencers and businesses alike.

Surprising as this may seem, just two months ago, Instagram had denied testing any such feature. This revelation surfaced when Alessandro Paluzzi, a renowned reverse engineer, discovered that both iOS and Android Instagram apps contained code hinting towards a new feed filter for Meta Verified subscribers. With this official announcement, Instagram has put an end to the conjecture once and for all.

This decision is a strategic move by Instagram to incentivize its users to sign up for Meta Verified subscriptions, currently priced at $11.99 per web month and $14.99 per mobile month. A Meta Verified account comes along with multiple privileges, such as a coveted blue checkmark, enhanced customer support, increased visibility, enhanced reach in search and comments, and a selection of exclusive stickers, adding to its allure.

Reminiscent of Elon Musk’s approach after buying Twitter last autumn, Instagram’s new feed presents an interesting parallel. Twitter implemented a similar strategy by introducing paid verification via its X Premium subscription service, which costs $8 per month. Besides, they also provided a variety of features, accentuating a separate Verified tab in users’ Notifications, along with other benefits like the highly demanded edit button and support for drafting longer posts. Instagram may very well be drawing from this playbook, paving the way for an era of paid verification clubbed with a myriad of added perks. If effectively implemented, the result could be a win-win for both Instagram and its users.