Gotham Knights Created a 1.3 GB Update

Gotham Knights, the long-awaited co-op action RPG from Warner Bros. Montreal, has released a new 1.3GB update. The update includes a variety of new content and features, including new enemies, missions, and rewards.

Today, Gotham Knights released a 1.3GB update. This update includes new features, bug fixes, and performance improvements.

New features in this update include the ability to play as Robin in the cooperative mode, a new challenge mode called “Beneath Gotham”, and new enemy types.

Bug fixes in this update include fixes for crashes, issues with matchmaking, and UI issues.

The most notable addition is the inclusion of a new playable character, Batgirl. She comes with her own unique set of skills and abilities and her own storyline to play through.

New features in the update include the ability to rewatch cutscenes, new player customizations, and the option to skip in-game tutorials. Bug fixes include issues with the game's audio, controls, and camera. 

There are also new enemy types to encounter and new areas to explore. The game's combat has been tweaked and improved, making it more challenging and rewarding.

A number of gameplay improvements have been made, such as increasing the damage of the Batmobile's EMP and improving the responsiveness of the controls.

The update also introduces a new map, Gotham Cathedral, which is available to play in the game's multiplayer mode.

Performance improvements in this update include improved framerate stability and load times.

This update is available now for all players on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

The Gotham Knights 1.3GB update is a welcomed addition to the game that offers new content and features for players to enjoy. The new enemies, missions, and rewards add more replay value to the game, and the bug fixes and performance improvements are much appreciated. Overall, the update is a positive step forward for Gotham Knights.