Google Maps Has Made a Big Update Showing Where Electric Vehicle Fast Charging Stations Are

It’s no secret that electric vehicles are becoming more popular, as are the charging stations that power them. To help EV owners find the closest and most convenient charging station, Google Maps is now displaying real-time information about the availability of fast-charging stations around the world.

Google Maps has long been a trusted resource for finding your way around town, but now it’s becoming even more helpful for drivers of electric vehicles. The popular mapping service has added a new layer that shows the locations of fast-charging stations for EVs, making it easier to find a place to top up your battery when you’re on the go.

The new feature is available now in the United States and Canada, with more countries to be added in the future. To access it, simply open Google Maps and zoom in on an area where you know there are EV charging stations. A new icon will appear on the map, indicating the location of each station.

Tapping on an icon will provide more information about the station, including the types of connectors that are available, the charging speed, and how many spaces are available. This is all data that’s been crowdsourced from other EV drivers, so it should be pretty accurate.

In addition to showing the location of fast-charging stations, the new Google Maps feature also shows the location of slower Level 2 stations. This can be helpful if you’re just looking for a place to park and plug in for a few hours, rather than a quick top-up.

To see the new EV charging station layer in Google Maps, open the app and search for “EV charging stations.” The map will now show icons for fast-charging stations, as well as the type of charger that is available at each location. Tapping on an icon will provide more information about the station, including the address, hours of operation, and current status.

The new EV charging station layer is available in Google Maps on Android and iOS, and will roll out to all users in the coming weeks.

The new EV charging station layer in Google Maps is a helpful addition for EV owners, making it easier to find a place to charge their car. With the increasing popularity of electric vehicles, it’s likely that we’ll see even more features and improvements related to EV charging in Google Maps in the future.

With the addition of this new feature, Google Maps is making it even easier for drivers to make the switch to electric vehicles. And that’s good news for the environment.