Google Grants Workspace Subscribers Enhanced Video Streaming Quality During Group Calls

Google is boosting the video experience for Workspace subscribers by granting high-quality 1080p streaming during group video calls. The tech giant first introduced the feature in April, limiting it to one-on-one video calls. Now, participants in group video meetings on the web involving three or more people will also be able to enjoy the high-quality video option.

Workspace users equipped with Full HD (or better) webcams can turn on the upgraded feature. A prompt will automatically appear on the join screen, which, upon acceptance, activates the service. A confirmation of the feature's activation will appear as a 1080p icon on the top right corner of the video box. Participants in the meeting will be able to view the high-resolution video if the activated user is pinned or if viewers' screens are large enough to display the high-resolution video.

Moreover, settings for sending and receiving high-quality video streams can be configured under Settings > Video on the web. Notably, Google Meet will automatically adjust the video quality if it detects limitations in the network bandwidth.

As per Google, the improved service is presently available to Workspace customers. This includes Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Essentials, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Starter, Enterprise Plus, Education Plus, Teaching and Learning Upgrade, and Workspace Individual subscribers. However, it is noted that this upgrade excludes Google One paying users, who will have to make do with the 1080p quality only for one-to-one video calls.

In conclusion, this update takes Workspace's productivity to a new height, providing high-quality video for group calls, which is crucial in today's remote working and learning environment. Although Google One paying users have been excluded from this group calling feature, Google's move provides a significant boost to the Workspace experience, upholding its commitment to providing top-notch services to its subscribers. As digital collaboration continues to be a primary focus in today's world, Google's update ensures the quality of communication is not compromised.