First Two Weeks Crucial for In-App Purchases in Mobile Games

In a recent report by Unity, a platform for creating and operating interactive, real-time 3D content, it was revealed that 77% of players who have ever converted to in-app purchases (IAP) did so within the first two weeks of downloading a mobile game. This finding highlights the importance of understanding effective player conversion strategies and optimal timing for IAP implementation to develop a sustainable monetisation approach without unnecessary resource allocation.

Timing is of the essence when managing a game with IAPs. The majority of players who have ever converted to IAP do so within the first 14 days of engaging with the game. Therefore, it is crucial for developers to focus their efforts on this initial period to maximize the chances of player conversion. Players who have not made an in-game purchase during this time frame should be considered prime candidates for exploring alternative monetisation methods.

One such alternative is to segment these non-converting players and offer them opportunities to view ads or engage with in-game offerwalls. These can serve as effective revenue streams for developers while still providing a positive experience for players. The study also found that players are most receptive to rewarded ad placements between game levels, followed by placements within the IAP store and in the lobby or pre-level phase.

This information is valuable for game developers, as it helps them create a targeted strategy for monetisation and user acquisition. By focusing on the first two weeks after a player downloads the game, developers can optimize their efforts and resources to maximize player conversion and revenue generation. Additionally, understanding player preferences for ad placements can help improve the overall gaming experience and increase the likelihood of conversion.

In conclusion, the first two weeks after a player downloads a mobile game are crucial for converting them to in-app purchases. Game developers should focus their efforts and resources on this time frame and explore alternative monetisation methods for players who do not convert. Understanding player preferences and optimizing ad placements can further enhance the gaming experience and lead to successful monetisation strategies.