Despite 160 Hours in, Bethesda's Head Still Hasn't Explored All of Starfield

For those who have purchased any of the premium editions of Starfield (or the Premium Upgrade for Game Pass users), the game is a mere week away. The game is currently being showcased at Gamescom, with several key Bethesda figures in attendance, including Pete Hines, the Head of Publishing.

In a recent interview, Hines spoke about his experience playing Starfield, revealing that he has racked up 160 hours of gameplay. However, in spite of this substantial time commitment, he claims to have "not yet seen everything there is to see" in the game. Notably, Hines also stated that he purposefully "chose not to do several things" in the game, indicating an abundance of content still waiting to be discovered.

In summary, if you plan to fully explore what Starfield has in store, be ready to dedicate hundreds of hours into the game.