Dead Cells: Return to Castlevania Expansion - Strategies for Beating the New Bosses

In the latest thrilling expansion for Dead Cells, "Return to Castlevania," players are transported back to the gloomy, monster-infested halls of Castlevania, adding a nostalgic yet fresh layer to the game. The expansion doesn't just bring back memories; it introduces new challenges, weapons, and formidable bosses that demand strategic prowess and adaptability. This article delves deep into strategies for overcoming the new bosses introduced in this expansion, offering insights that range from preparatory steps to in-battle tactics. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a newcomer eager to explore the depths of Castlevania, these strategies aim to arm you with the knowledge needed to emerge victorious.

Preparation Is Key

Success against the new bosses in Dead Cells' Castlevania expansion begins long before you face them in battle. Preparation involves not only selecting the right gear but also understanding the mechanics of each boss. Each boss has unique patterns and attacks that can catch players off guard, making prior knowledge invaluable. Spend time in earlier levels amassing a balanced arsenal of weapons that cater to both close-range and long-range combat. Moreover, gather as many health potions and power-ups as you can, with a focus on those that enhance your damage output and survivability.

Understanding Your Enemy

Each boss in the Return to Castlevania expansion has a distinct set of abilities that require different approaches. Here’s a breakdown of each boss and strategies to consider:

Dracula's First Form

Dead Cells

Facing the legendary vampire himself, players will find that Dracula's first form focuses on direct melee attacks and powerful magic spells. The key here is to maintain a balance between aggressive offenses and cautious positioning. Dodge his melee attacks by learning their timing and tells, and always be ready to move out of the way of his magical attacks, which often target your last position. Use ranged weapons to chip away his health safely, and only go in for melee strikes when you're confident you can dodge his counterattacks.

Dracula's Final Form

In his final form, Dracula becomes a far more formidable foe, boasting increased speed and a new array of attacks. The battlefield will also undergo changes, limiting your movement options. In this phase, prioritizing mobility and utilizing the environment to your advantage becomes crucial. Pay attention to the patterns of his new attacks, as they often leave him vulnerable afterward. Use traps or turrets to deal consistent damage while you focus on evading his assaults. Timing and patience are your best allies in this fight.


Death, with his iconic scythe, presents a different challenge with his ability to control the battlefield with summoned minions and wide, sweeping attacks. Clearing his minions should be your first priority, as they can quickly overwhelm you. Employ area-of-effect (AoE) weapons or skills to efficiently deal with them. When facing Death directly, keep moving to avoid his powerful scythe swings and look for opportunities to attack when he's summoning minions, as he's momentarily vulnerable.


Dead Cells

The Werewolf boss challenges players with its brute strength and swift movements, making it difficult to land hits without getting damaged in return. The trick to defeating the Werewolf lies in mastering the dodgeball. Time your rolls to avoid his quick lunges and immediately counterattack. Weapons with freeze effects or slowing capabilities can significantly reduce the Werewolf's threat level, allowing you to control the pace of the battle.

Choosing the Right Gear

Whereas flexibility in weapon choice is part of Dead Cells' appeal, certain gear can give you an edge in the Castlevania expansion:

  • Ranged Weapons: Keep your distance while still dealing damage. Bows and crossbows are particularly effective against Dracula's first form.
  • Traps and Turrets: Ideal for dealing with aggressive bosses like the Werewolf or mitigating Death's minions. They provide passive damage, allowing you to focus on evasion.
  • Freeze and Slow Effects: Utilizing weapons or skills that can freeze or slow enemies can turn the tide of battle, especially against fast movers like the Werewolf.
  • High-DPS Melee Weapons: When the opportunity to strike arises, you’ll want to make sure your hits count. Fast, high-damage melee weapons can be risky but rewarding against bosses like Death.

Adapting to the Situation

Flexibility and adaptation are crucial in overcoming the challenges posed by the new bosses in Dead Cells' Castlevania expansion. No strategy is foolproof, and you may find yourself needing to adjust your approach mid-battle. If you're struggling with a particular boss, don't be afraid to experiment with different weapons, skills, and mutations. Sometimes, a small change in tactics or equipment can make a substantial difference. Remember, learning from each defeat and adapting accordingly is the heart of progress in Dead Cells.

Making Use of the Environment

Dead Cells

The battle arenas in the Castlevania expansion often contain elements that can be used to your advantage. Dracula’s final form, for instance, transforms the environment in a way that can either hinder or help you, depending on your movement and positioning. Be mindful of these environmental changes and use them to create safe spaces where you can regroup or launch attacks without immediate retaliation. Mastery of the environment, combined with understanding boss patterns and effectively using your gear, will elevate your chances of triumph.


"Dead Cells: Return to Castlevania" expansion brings exciting challenges and formidable bosses that require strategic thinking, precision, and adaptability. By focusing on preparation, understanding each boss's unique mechanics, selecting the appropriate gear, and being willing to adapt your strategies, you'll stand a strong chance of overcoming these new threats. Remember, the journey through Castlevania is as much about learning and adapting as it is about fighting. Embrace each encounter as an opportunity to refine your skills and strategies. With persistence and determination, you'll find yourself standing victorious over the dark forces that inhabit this classic realm.