Chris Hemsworth stands up for the MCU

Among the numerous admirers of Marvel, Chris Hemsworth stands out as a highly favored performer, and his portrayal of the mighty Thor, the god of thunder, has likely allowed him to accumulate sufficient earnings to indulge in a leisurely hiatus, with the option to resume his career when he chooses.

However, Hemsworth also actively supports the Marvel cinematic universe and its importance to viewers. In an interview with the Times, he talks about the directors who support the MCU and its impact on the film industry.

"These people had films that didn't live up to expectations either," he says. "This has happened to everyone. When they were discussing issues related to superheroes, I thought: "It's great to tell billions of viewers about it." 

Recently, the Marvel formula certainly seemed outdated, but before the release of the final movie, it looked like an invincible machine, producing successful and profitable blockbusters every year. Now, many fans are wondering if the former greatness will return.
Do you think it's fair for directors to criticize the MCU?