Alan Wake 2 Enhances Gameplay with Chapter Selection in Latest Update

Remedy Entertainment brings fresh enhancements to their highly acclaimed 2023 release, Alan Wake 2, as they roll out Update 1.15. This update is a boon to gamers, as it introduces a Chapter Select functionality that allows revisiting any previously completed mission with a caveat; players will embark on these selected missions utilizing a predefined save game, with predetermined item load-outs irrespective of personal game progression.

Alan Wake 2 has carved out its place as a standout title of the year, scooping up awards at The Game Awards 2023 for Best Game Direction, Best Narrative, and Best Art Direction. Several months post-release, Remedy Entertainment continues to bolster the gaming experience with updates like 1.15, enhancing overall gameplay, fixing bugs, and refining UI and visual elements.

Among the various bug fixes, the update eradicates issues in the New Game Plus, enriches the item descriptions in Saga’s Mind Place, and negates the possibility of explosions affecting enemies through barriers. The 1.15 update also brings a general visual cleanup, sharpens texture memory usage, and implements multiple minor adjustments for an improved gameplay experience.

Looking forward, Remedy Entertainment intends to maintain a steady flow of updates throughout the year. Fans can anticipate significant content drops with two expansive DLCs on the horizon. Alan Wake 2’s Night Springs DLC is eyed for a late spring release in 2024, expected to delve deeper into the narrative with returning characters from the world of Alan Wake. The latter DLC, The Lake House, is set to arrive later in the year, expanding on the narrative involving the Federal Bureau of Control (FBC), a key institution in both Alan Wake 2 and Control.

Remedy’s commitment to refining Alan Wake 2 is clear with Update 1.15, offering more reasons for players to revisit Bright Falls, experience improvements across the board, and continue unveiling the darkness shrouding Alan's story.